The David O. McKay Library serves university and community patrons with a vast book collection, hundreds of databases, and much more. The building also houses university archives, a special exhibition area, and instructional technology labs.

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A to Z List of Databases

The A to Z List contains all of the Library's purchased resources. You can easily filter by the first letter of the database, by subject, or search the title and description. Because each database is different, most of the resources have a tutorial to guide you through the basics of using that particular database.

Filter by First Letter

You can quickly jump to any letter of the alphabet by clicking one of these links or you can even show all of the resources by clicking "All".

Filter by Subject

The librarians have tagged each of the databases with a subject so you can filter by a subject corresponding to your research.


The A to Z search box allows you to search the title and description of the library's resources. It does not search the actual content contained in each database.

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