Treasures from the Archives of BYU-Idaho Early Church Artifacts
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The Millennial Star
The Millennial Star (July 1841)
A newspaper edited and published by Parley P. Pratt in England.

Deseret Book
Book written in Deseret (late 1800's)
This book is written in the Deseret Alphabet and entitled "The Deseret Second Book by the Regents of the Deseret University."

"The Deseret Alphabet was developed by the Board of Regents of the University of Deseret in 1853, in order to make the English language more easily learnable to those who spoke foreign languages." (Information from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism).

china doll
China Doll (1800's)
This doll once belonged to Brigham Young. It is about seven inches long.
Kirtland Safety Society Bank Notes
Kirtland Safety Society Bank Notes (1837)
Five-dollar note and ten-dollar note

Nauvoo Stone

Nauvoo Stones
(1840 & 2002)
The large stone is from the original temple. Limestone for the original Nauvoo Temple was quarried from a site just west of the temple. The smaller stones are from the new Nauvoo Temple and are of limestone quarried in Russellville, Alabama.

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Cape (1877)
One of Brigham Young's wives owned this capelet, which she wore to his funeral. This circular cut, fully lined capelet, made of velvet, features middy braid embroidery. detail of capelet