Treasures from the Archives of BYU-Idaho Table Talk of Martin Luther
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Detail of cover

Title page of Table Talk of Martin Luther
This title page shows Martin Luther, Johannes Bugenhagen, Philip Melanchthon, Caspar Creuziger, Justus Jonas and Vitus Dietrich at the table.

Table Talk of Martin Luther

The contents of this book were gathered from the mouth of Luther, by his friends and disciples, and chiefly by Antony Lauterbach and John Aurifaber (Goldschmidt), who were very much with the great Reformer towards the close of his life. This book include notes from Luther's discourses, his opinions, his cursory observations during the performance of his clerical duties, and from dicussions at his table with his friends.

Notice the beautiful detail work on this cover, with minitures of saints tooled into the leather binding and elegant brass clasps.

Title page of book
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