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What does the future hold for the campus of BYU-Idaho? It is hard to say. This campus is a vital, growing, changing region. It needs to change to fit the needs of the University. Already new plans for the future are being proposed. In the first half of 2002, the University announced several building projects Left is a map showing what might be the configuration of campus in a few years.
  1. Snow addition planned.
  2. New Spori Bldg. (completion 2003)
  3. Most of Kirkham removed. (2005-2007)
  4. Manwaring addition planned
  5. Student Health & Counseling Center.
  6. Multi-Use Bldg. (completion 2002)
  7. Thomas E. Ricks Bldg. planned.
  8. Future Benson addition planned.
  9. 2nd floor of Austin remodeled (2002).Future addition proposed.
  10. East end of Hart Bldg. remodeled. (2002)
  11. Proposed married student housing
  12. 3rd Floor of Smith remodeled.(2002)
  13. Chemistry labs of Romney planned remodel.

Campus Construction Website
Aerial view of campus, June 2001
Aerial view of Campus looking south, 2001
Lower Campus, 2001