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Pres. Hafen, Elder McConkie, and Sis. Hafen
President Hafen, Elder Bruce R. McConkie, and Sister Hafen
in a Ricks College Devotional, 1984
Courtesy of BYU-Idaho Archives
Elder and Sister Hafen, 2002
Elder and Sister Hafen, 2002
Photo courtesy of Elder and Sister Hafen

Sir Bruce and Lady Marie
Homecoming 1984-85
Photo courtesy of BYU-Idaho Public Relations Office

Elder Hafen speaking at Devotional
Courtesy of BYU-Idaho Archives

Bruce and Marie Hafen greeting students in the Manwaring Center at Ricks, 1983
Courtesy of Ensign Magazine
The Broken Heart cover The Broken Heart, 1989

Elder Hafen has authored several books. Most of the work on The Broken Heart was done during his time in Rexburg. In the acknowledgements to The Broken Heart, Elder Hafen wrote the following:
"Appreciation is also expressed to . . . the people of Rexburg, Idaho and the Ricks College community, whos"peaceable walk with the children of men" (Moroni 7:4) taught my family and me about the doctrines of faith, hope, and charity through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."
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