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George and Rosalie and Julia Cole

George Cole
George Cole
Rosalie Cole
Rosalie Cole
Julia Cole
Julia Cole
George Cole

George Cole was born and reared in American Fork, UT, and the youngest of five children. George married Rosalie Jane Deschamps in 1890 in Logan, UT. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1892.

Cole taught school in Malad, Idaho for several years. In 1894, he was called to be the principal of the Bannock Stake Academy. During the time George was principal, seventh and eighth grade school work was introduced at the Academy.

In 1895, the Board of Church Education decided to close the school because of lack of funds. George Cole and the other teachers decided to run the school whether they were paid or not. Consequently, they taught the last half of the year without pay, accepting homegrown produce instead of cash for students' tuitions. This food was used to feed the teachers' families.

George's wife, Rosalie, died in 1897 shortly after the birth of their fourth child. He continued as principal and as a teacher until 1899 when he resigned.

Cole married Julia Goody in 1900 in Salt Lake City, but they continued to live in Rexburg. In November 1906, several Rexburg families including the Cole family were sent by the Church to settle in Gridley, CA located just north of Sacramento. Soon Gridley had more than fifty members of the Church and a branch was organized with George as the branch president. He served in that capacity for several years. The first LDS church meeting in Gridley was held in his home and the Gridley Branch met there for several years thereafter. Cole was a talented musician and led the local Church choir for many years.

George was also very active in his community in Gridley. He taught irrigation techniques to the farmers in the area, and served for many years as the secretary of the Gridley Federal Farm Loan Association.

George died in 1932 and is buried in Gridley.

Rosalie Jane Deschamps Cole

Rosalie Jane Deschamps Cole was born just south of Brigham City in Willard, UT. She was the oldest child in her family. Her father was French Canadian and her mother was Welsh. Within a few years of Rosalie's birth, the family moved north to St John, ID near Malad, ID, where Rosalie grew up with her ten brothers and sisters.

Rosalie married George Cole in 1890 in Logan, UT. They were the parents of four children, two boys and two girls.

After their marriage George and Rosalie settled in Malad, ID where George taught school. George was called to be principal of the Bannock Stake Academy, and the family moved to Rexburg in 1894.

Rosalie died in Rexburg in February 1897, just a few days after the birth of her fourth child, Rosalie Ann Cole. Rosalie Jane Cole is buried in St John, ID.

Mary Julia Goody Cole

Julia Goody Cole was born in Clarkston, UT. She was a gentle person with a kindly sense of humor and who always thought of others first. She married George Cole in the Salt Lake Temple in 1900. Julia was the mother of seven children, and she also raised George's four children from his previous marriage.

Julia was a stalwart member of the Church, serving faithfully all her life. There were many hardships in starting the Church in Northern California. Julia was the first LDS woman in the area, and was a real pioneer for goodwill, peace, and missionary work for the Church there.

Her family tells about the time when Julia was asked if Mormons had horns. She told them, “Yes, we have horns. Wait just a moment and I will go and get them.” She went into her study and returned with musical instruments! Having a sense of humor and a love of music also helped Julia and George deal with opposition when times were difficult in establishing the Church in Northern California.

After George's death, Julia lived many years with her daughter, Alice and her family in the Gridley area. Julia is buried next to her husband, George in Gridley, CA.

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