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Ezra and Rosella Dalby

Ezra Dalby Rosella Dalby
Ezra C. Dalby
(1869-1934 )

Ezra Christiansen Dalby was born in Ephraim, Utah in 1869. He graduated Sanpete Stake Academy (now Snow College) in 1889 and from University of Utah in 1891. He was a well-educated man. He attended the University of Chicago and received LL.D. (a law degree) from La Salle University in 1918 and a Master of Arts degree from University of Utah in 1924.

He married Zella Anderson in 1894. They were the parents of seven children.

He was a principal at several schools in Utah. He worked at Manti (1892-1893) before serving a mission for the Church in St. Louis from 1896-1898. He returned to Utah and served as a principal in Redmond (1898-1899). At this time he was also a captain in Utah State Militia. He moved to Moroni, Utah and was principal for a year there before coming to Idaho in 1901 to be the principal of Ricks Academy. He served as President of Ricks for 13 years and was a progressive educator. During his leadership, the Academy became a standard high school, normal school (a school which prepares teachers), and commercial school.

In 1914 Ezra left Rexburg and moved his family to the Teton Valley where he became the principal of Teton High School in Driggs, Idaho for five years. He also served as county superintendent of schools of Teton County. He practiced law in Driggs from 1918-1921. He belonged to both the Utah and Idaho Bar Associations. Ezra served as acting mayor and city councilman of Rexburg and as city councilman and major of Driggs. He was editor of the Current-Journal the Rexburg newspaper, and wrote the book, Land and Leaders of Israel. He authored many articles for church and stake publications.

He was active in Church, serving as president MIA, as superintendent of Sunday School, as stake superintendent of Sunday School, and as a high councilman in several stakes in Utah and Idaho.

In 1929 the Dalby family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Ezra taught school and was principal at several schools in Salt Lake City until 1934. He died in 1934 in Salt Lake City and is buried there.
Rosella Anderson Dalby
(1873-1961 )

Rosella (Zella) Anderson Dalby was born and reared in Manti, Utah. Her father was from Denmark where his family joined the Church in the early 1850's. The family left Denmark and moved to Utah, settling in the Manti area.

Her mother's family was from upstate New York and Kirtland, Ohio. They joined the Church in the early days of the Restoration and moved to Nauvoo. Bella's parents were married in Nauvoo in 1846, before coming west with the Saints. They settled in Manti where Zella grew up. She was the oldest of nine children.

Zella married Ezra C. Dalby in Manti, Utah in 1894. They became the parents of seven children. The family lived in Levan, Redmond, and Moroni, Utah where Ezra was principal in the schools. They moved to Rexburg in 1901 when Ezra was called to serve as President of Ricks Academy. Their four youngest children were born in Rexburg.

The Dalby family left Rexburg in 1914 and moved to Driggs, Idaho where Ezra worked in the schools, participated in city government and practiced law. In 1929 they relocated to Salt Lake City where Zella lived the rest of her life. She died in Salt Lake in 1961 and is buried there.
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