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Book Binding Materials

Book Binding Materials

In August 1829 Joseph Smith took the manuscript of the Book of Mormon to a local printer, E.B. Grandin to be published. It took Grandin's print shop 9 months to print all 5,000 copies of that first edition using an 1822 Smith Improved Printing Press. A run of 5,000 copies was an enormous undertaking for a small, country printer like Grandin.

Below is a working replica of Grandin's press (built by Stephen Pratt) and an original 1830 copy of the Book of Mormon on display in the McKay Library.
In the photo above, you can see some of the materials needed to create a finished book.

After printing, the large printed sheets were cut and folded into signatures (d). It took 37 signatures to create a Book of Mormon. These signatures were sewn together using linen thread (c) to form a text block (e). The text block was then covered with a case made of book boards (a) and leather (b). Figure F is a replica of the original book.
Grandin Press replica
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