New Access to EBSCO Personal Accounts

We are excited to announce a new way to sign in when saving search results! Instead of having to create an EBSCO account, this new option will take you through the campus login process and will recognize who you are. Once you click this sign-in button, you will also be able to save search results to your folder.

The first time you log in with the new integration, you will be prompted to consent to EBSCO’s Personal Data Retention and Usage policy. This refers to data collection necessary for creating and maintaining personal EBSCO accounts and a personalized user experience. Users are only required to consent to this policy one time upon logging in; after doing so, they will automatically be logged into their personal My EBSCOhost accounts each time they authenticate into EBSCO. If you have additional questions, you can read an article they published titled Why am I required to consent to EBSCO’s privacy policy before logging into my personal EBSCOhost folder?

Merge Accounts

For more information on how to merge your new EBSCO account with an existing EBSCO account EBSCO has created an article on How to Merge Personal User Accounts.